The Last Great Royal Wedding

By : Tom Zenner

The Last Great Royal Wedding
Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

A Peek Inside

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  • Hardcover, Premium, Commemorative Coffee Table Book, custom written & designed for celebrity, pop culture, glamour, fashion and show biz fans.
  • 144 Pages!
  • VIP Access Into All Aspects Of The Courtship, Engagement, Preparations & Wedding
  • Exciting Images From Inside the Ceremony & Behind The Scenes
  • Every Story Written For Fans Who Want The Real Story
  • The Ring. The Cake. The Dress. The Guest List. The Snubs. The VIP's. The Ceremony. The Party. The Honeymoon.
  • The Costs
  • The Drama!
  • A True, Life-Long Keepsake

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The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and the fabulous Meghan Markle will go down as one of THE glamour events of our lifetime. A true spectacle of passion and pizazz, fashion, fame, fairy tale and fortune. This book takes you into the middle of all the glitz, style, star power, romance and fantasy of May 19th, 2018 that was witnessed by the entire world.

From the excitement, drama and preparation as the day drew near, up to the magical moment where the fabulous couple exchanged vows in front of billions of people watching around the globe, Presents The Last Great Royal Wedding takes you throughout London, and around the world to give you the real access and stories you want.

Loaded with the most stunning and dramatic photos capturing each breathtaking moment, the information, details, VIP access and back stories of how it all came together and what it cost, and stories and fun facts of what you really want to know about, this is the keepsake to hold on to forever.

The ONLY Book of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to Say “I Do” To!